Over heard at the barre.

stories from the studio

sometimes you gotta create what you wanna be a part of.
“I started to come to barre to stay fit and prepare for a big ski trip”

— G.F.

“The exercises really help me sleep better, and build stronger knees. Its helped my wife and I bowl longer games pain free”

— R.S.

“I’ve been fortunate enough to attend Barre Kailua classes four times a week. Jen the instructor makes every day more challenging and exciting with her creative workouts. Attending Barre Kailua has made all the difference in my confidence, Daily energy, strength and most importantly my seat! But don’t just take my word for it.. Get down here. Me me at the barre!! ”

— C.T.

“My husband said my booty is in another zipcode thanks to barre! ”

— C.F.

“I was on the hunt for Barre in my hometown and found Barre Kailua, but at the time, their classes were at night, which didn’t work for my schedule. Thankfully, they moved and added classes, and I was able to take advantage of their new year, new you package, and loved my classes. It definitely took me awhile to get used to the much more casual class setting, but it was none the less a very good workout. I love the small class settings, intimate feel, and positive vibe of the classes and the teacher.

— L.S.

“The time flies by when you are at the barre! It’s a great complement to my gym routine, adding flexibility, balance, and core. Jen gives you some comfort level options to make the workout less intense (or more, if you really want to feel that burn); either way, you’ll pack a full body workout into just one hour. ”

— M.K. C

“This is a super sculpting workout! The small movements pack a punch! Don’t underestimate those 2lb weights! I love this whole body workout and the instructor Jen! She’s motivating but never in your face and her playlists really keep you going. Form and body position is key to ‘feeling’ it in the right place and Jen will adjust you and explain to you what your body needs to be doing, all while keeping you encouraged and not feeling like a barre virgin! The studio is all brand new and in a great location. I’m always looking forward to class even though I know it’s going to be a killer!”

— D.M

“Such a great workout that helps keep me fit and injury free for running and sports. Its fun class with great music that will almost make you forget how hard you are working all those little muscles. Those that support the bigger ones. You will leave the class with wobbly legs, a firm tush, and a smile!!!”

— A.B.

“I am never bored, and I can feel the full body workout. instructor ensures that our form is correct to maximize results, that attention to detail is priceless! Low impact, amazing results, it keeps me coming back for more!!! ”

— L.G.

“very upbeat and encouraging. its such a great workout!”

— C.B.

“I come to barre during my pregnancy to help strengthen my lower back, making it easier to carry the extra weight!! Stretching out after every single class feels so good and is my favorite part”

— K.S.

“I first came to barre Kailua because I was looking for a new form of workout, barre had interested me right from the start . I feel comfortable and my ass gets kicked over and over again . In a good way!”

— M.V.

Best workout I have had in a while! Love the class, the vibe, and the teacher. #kickass

— S.M.

This class is so motivating, fun and goes by so fast! the tempo of instruction is perfect and keeps you focused. At the end rolling up my mat I could tell, boy I'm really going to feel this tomorrow, love it!!!

— J.M.