Jen's Jam : Harnessing the habit

Summer '18 was beyond amazing. Traveling halfway around the world and spending beautiful days and nights in Provence , France was nothing short of a dream. The ambience of the country side couldn't be captured in any photograph and there are no words to describe the beauty and feeling you get here. 

Besides rolling lavender fields and white stone chateaus - Provence provided the most incredible food.

Fresh bread, fresh cheese, and fresh rosé every day. Markets filled with the tastiest fruits, desserts, meats, and pizzas. I promised myself to indulge in everything the South of France had to  offer and I did not disappoint. With great food and the appetite of a pregnant bear prepping for hibernation, I definitely looked and felt the outcome of my indulgence. A (basket of) Baguettes a day will definitely keep the bikini at bay.  But when traveling, in my book; there's no rules. Sure walk and exercise a bit but eat a lot. It's rude not to...... Then you come home and back to reality and BOOM. The extra luggage I brought back around my waist unfortunately did not get lost between the various planes I took. 

Typically I try to watch what I eat; meaning I like to watch the fork stab food and transfer to my big mouth. kidding. Working with Barre Kailua , I've been better about eating cleaner and cutting out the crap food. BUT I will not lie to you, I have zero regrets when opting for a big mac over a salad and a roll of oreos over an apple. Balance right? I mean if you workout hard enough you should eat whatever you want right? Sure. Go for it. But no bitching about not making the physical changes you wish to see, unless you're a bad ass at photoshop. But photoshop can't adjust how you feel.   

Fate does some pretty incredible things, It's like "Hey I see you there, mad at yourself and beating yourself up cause  you got French fluffy, and I'm gonna lead you to something you haven't tried yet but you gotta follow through...." Then I found it. Two weeks home from my Été en Provence, and I came across a program that caught my attention. Get fit 21. Simple enough I thought. Follow the food guides on the yes and nos of what to eat, workout daily (easy), replace a meal(s) with their shake, and thats it. So I bit. Ordered the shake and received the info. 

Never have I ever tried a "diet" or program that was as amazing as this one. Not only did I get an amazing amount of information, I got several workout guides,  healthy recipes, recipes to try with the shakes, the protein (which is soon delicious) and unlimited amount of support and encouragement. Think support group times 1000. 

Now I usually won't make it 3 days dieting because I love pizza, chocolate, and Wine. But the responsible adult in me kept at it. Shockingly I haven't needed or wanted any of that while drinking the shakes and sticking to the program and following through. I don't deprive myself from the things I love (like a burger), but I don't crave it . The shakes keep me full for hours. I've noticed my skin looking brighter and clearer and my hair is shiner. Straight up magic. The program even calls for a reset day- it literally tells you "give yourself a day to eat what you want", it's proven that with said reset day, it helps rev your body into breaking down and burning the crap out of what you choose (My words, not theirs). 

This post isn't to promote or sell the product - it's merely sharing my experience with something that I found works for me and  my lifestyle (single mom, running a business, teaching classes, and running around crazy all day like a bat outta hell ). 5lbs vanished the first half of the 21 days, which is pretty incredible and pushing me to finish strong and keep at it. It's realistic,  you see and feel the results, and above all its doable. Try it. 






Calling all busy-bees, jugglers of tasks and life, tired moms, and everyone in between...

         If your day looks like this : wake up, wrestle kid(s) out of bed, make breakfast, get them to school, go to work, come home, take care of sports, or chores, or grocery shop, or anything that requires your undivided attention, THEN you gotta figure out what the heck to feed the other members of your family (which 95% of the time you're expected to cook something edible) , make time for YOU (which is why running away to the barre, and not the bar is always a great idea) , go home , and get ready to do it all again the next day. 

         This might be a snapshot of your m-f or maybe just parts of it. Anyways it can be exhausting.  So what do we do when we are tired, burnt out or bored? Cut corners. Drive throughs and ditching workouts, swearing that "I had no time and I'll take care of it tomorrow".      I get it. And I'm just as guilty. 

   The Barre Kailua blog was created to share all things that empower, motivate, and incorporate all things that we feel create a healthier, happier, and better quality of life with exercise and beyond. Right now I'm talking about the beyond. 

   I live in the tiniest house in Kailua, Hawaii, where I'm sure it could be deemed a legit grass shack (paradise prices aren't very fun). With that being said; there isn't much counter space let alone a kitchen. Pros: no kitchen = no cooking = win , Cons: No Kitchen, yet you still need to feed your child = fail. I am a firm believer that things happen for a reason so BOOM. I met my companion. His name is Magic Mac and he is a whopping 14" tall and shines brighter than sun ( especially on days I'm hangry or  when I forget I have a last min. potluck ) . MM is my instant pot. 

If you don't already have one of these incredible contraption you gotta get on it. Toss in your meal, hit a couple buttons and walk away. A couple of beeps and BOOM dinner is served. Or lunch, or breakfast, or desert, or yogurt. There is no limit to the rice cooker of the future. Actually its a pressure cooker which can replace your slow cooker and rice cooker all together. 

Some of my easy , goto meals which requires very little prep time and you can add or sub whatever you want are : 

And the list goes on. Not only has this thing made me look like I could balance a hectic life and cook like a top chef, but I've gained more confidence in the kitchen and I'm happy to share my meals with family and loved ones / no longer waiting for the torture face of swallowing my made up meals which are usually well done. WELLLLLLLLLL done.

     So give it a try or do a bit more research. It's worth the price tag and you might even find yourself excited to make a meal or two. There are also Paleo, Vegetarian, Keto, whole 30, getfit21, vegan, weight watchers, easy, cheap, healthy, and kid friendly recipes just flooding the internet. 

My very favorite, no fail recipe is Chicken long rice. quick . healthy. tasty . and easy peasy.


Keeping your goals and hard work going all summer long



Did you know that most people gain more weight in the summer than the winter? Especially those who live in climates that don't have extreme climate changes?!         ( LIKE HAWAI'I)

3 reasons why: 

More people choose to take the summer off of their daily exercise routine, in hopes to replace it with outdoor activities. But with days of high heat- they opt to stay inside or change their outdoor adventures to something less active. 

For many people, summer times means travel time which often leads to eating fun and new and everything under the sun. It also means people are constantly on the go and grabbing convenient foods or enjoying company and eating out more often than usual. 

Beach days swimming and surfing and all things in and out of the water are the best days. But if you're spending more time cool off and not enough replacing lost water, your body begins to dehydrate. The ocean dehydrates the skin, and you sweat while you swim so its like a salt vacuum. Then there's the almighty sun which will dry you up quicker than you'd believe. Lastly- We can all admit its easier to enjoy a cool refreshing cocktail, ice cold beer, chilled juice or tea or a frozen coffee than to guzzle down 60-100oz of good ole H20. 

So now knowing whats not working then all we gotta do is the opposite. Right?

Easier said than done. BUT ! There are a few things that can help turn it around even in the middle of July.

1. GET BACK ON THE HORSE. Most people who have gym subscriptions, class passes or even just their usual weekly routine, don't utilize these perks as much as they should. Time wasted is money wasted, and not only does it take away from you, your self-care hour, and your wallet; it also affects your place of fitness and wellness.

Many clients have passes that run out or expire and thats hard on both sides of the spectrum, As a client we get discouraged to go back because we are "out of classes, and don't want to purchase another package until after summer." As a studio or gym, we have clients asking for extensions on passes and memberships. Because we love our loyal clients, most of the time we try to accommodate those request; yet, we absorb the hardships of smaller class sizes due to lack of attendance.

RECOMMENDATION? You can squeeze in an hour or at least half an our for yourself, so get back to it! You won't regret it and your class would be happy to workout with you all summer long.

2. WATCH THE SALTY FOODS . Yes to BBQs at the Beach, picnics in the park, and outdoor dining . But also yes to more foods that are heavy in water and less in salt and less processed . The less ingredients in a food the better it is for you. Also less sodium and more protein are key. Watermelon is a favorite of summertime and so are those hotdogs,chips, burgers, corn, ect.  

RECOMMENDATION? watch your food. or try this out the PFC method .  high Protein foods First! Next the Healthy FATS .  Lastly, Carbs.  Eating protein least an hour before bed helps the body to burn fat during sleep rather than store it. 

3. POUR IT UP, POUR IT UP . Water is life. Yes, we know it can be boring or hard or we forget or don't want to drink it BUT it will help your body is 1 billion ways. We aren't telling you to NOT have some summertime cocktails, I mean WINE IS LIFE. Just reminding you to add more water to your day, especially these hot summer days. 

RECOMMENDATION? Add some flavor to your H20 or take even some Lysine drops. Lysine is helps to act at a sunscreen from the inside out, so protecting the skin from the damaging rays while caring for hair and nails as well.  Drink a tall glass of water 30min in to waking up and going to sleep. And even keeping those hydration tablets handy for an extra boost. 


As seasons change, so dose our bodies and what they require to keep us going.
Here's some info on the most overlooked part of your body that is in direct relationship to each and every inch of your body.

Do any of these sound familiar?

Plantar Fasciitis ,  Shin splints , Tennis Elbow or Golfers Elbow, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome , Trigger Finger, Compartment Syndrome, Migraine Headaches, I.T. Band Syndrome , Patellofemoral Syndrome, Sciatica, Constipation, Ovarian Cyst, and many, many, more..


Fascia is now the most studied tissue in human movement science.  Fascial restrictions are the root cause of the most common aches and pains associated with aging and wear and tear.  If you take care of your fascia your fascia will take care of you. 

There are superficial layers, deep layers, and subserous layers of fascia in the human body.  Fascia has varying degrees of fluidity.

Look at some of the following facts about your fascia or fascial organ system.  

  • holds four gallons of water 
  • is neurally dense and represents 70% of your nervous system
  • is 100% sensory and responds three times faster than nerves
  • is incredibly strong, made of collagen and elastin fibers
  • "can exert tensile pressures of up to 2000 pounds per square inch on pain sensitive structures" - John Barnes, PT (

Spring into March


March, 3rd month of the New Year and the Beginning of Spring. Did you know that March was actually the Beginning of the New Year according to the oldest Roman Calendar?  So there's another chance to Renew your resolutions! YOU CAN ALWAYS BEGIN AGAIN. 

Need some March Motivation?

Well although March is the BEST month for Basketball -- it's also the WORSE month for production. AKA : a whole lot more lazy days. DON'T GIVE IN!

Lose the Lazy tips to get you through the month

  1. Drink a tall glass of water and GOTO bed. aim for 7-8 hours 
  2. Wake up and move around. yes its cold, yes you're sleepy, but lazy feeds off excuses. so get the heck up!
  3. Schedule. Your day, your week, and your month. 
  4. Make small attainable goals for each day and task. give yourself some leeway but not too much leisure.
  5. give yourself at least 1 hour of YOU time! its 4% of your day and can increase your by so much more.
  6. Self-Check. When's the last time you went to the dentist? its more important than you know! And you feel so much better getting that task out of the way. Also the Dr. could use a checkup. 
  7. SPRING CLEAN! set a timer, 20 min of uninterrupted work spent in on one section of the house, office, yard, garage, car, email box, social media and (contact list). Feels amazing. 
  8.  EAT THE FROG . Find the things you hate to do the  most and do them first. 
  9. Push yourself a bit harder. In class? switch up your weights, try a challenge or two and switch to the black bands. 
  10. treat yo' self. join us for our wine down to the weekend March,9th 630p . Lets toast to this (Roman) New Year!      




Moving into our 2nd month of this amazing New Year we may need a little more motivation to get though quick month. Resolutions don't need to start on Jan. 1st. you, can begin any time and again and again. 

Because this month is one of our shortest, we thought a simple challenge will keep us engaged and accountable to stick to our goals. 

We want to Challenge YOU (yeah you) to sticking with your routines (or create new ones) and do something at least every other day entire month long. It could be something small like a meaningful stretch or something grand like 3 classes, swimming 5 miles and a 12 hour hike. Just do something. 

Habits take 21 days to form -- lets start off with every other day and work our way forward.

Barre Kailua - Kailua, Hawaii -_November 5, 2016_102016_6024-2.jpg

New Year, Stronger YOU!

2018- IS HERE. There's something completely exciting with a new year and a fresh start. The zodiac sign of 2018 is the Dog. According to the Chinese Horoscope calendar, 2018 is the Male Earth Dog year. Brown is connected to the earth. Therefore, what better time than to practice something so amazing such as our studio's amazing yoga class outside? 

pictures provided by :  H  onolulu Creative Media

pictures provided by : Honolulu Creative Media

Yoga at The Royal Hawaiian Golf Club

9am Thursday mornings

for just $10

5 thankful things

Thanksgiving came and went and it is always an amazing time to sit and reflect on what we are grateful and thankful for. 

For some its friends and family, others it's appreciating the small thing in life and realizing how truly fortune we are. 

Because it's important to us at Barre Kailua to appreciate what and who we have (especially our clients + studio) - we wanted to share these 

5 easy ways to practice gratitude every day 


For more motivational and inspirational ways gratitude can change your life, read this great article. MORE GRATITUDE   

6 ways to wellness #8tothegreat1-8

Keeping up with our 8 week count down, we are feeling the slightly cooler weather, more red and green in popping up left and right and christmas lights are slowly creeping out of their massive ball of twinkling wires and toy catalogs are clogging the mailboxes. Yes we are creeping in to Jingling all the way as we avoid jiggling together.

 Here's 6 of our favorite things to share this week. enjoy

7 simple things #8tothegreat18

Last week we posted of 8 to great to jump start our 8 weeks to the new year and now we are down to 7. So we've found 7 simple things to try out. or not. totally up to you. We've got something to fulfill your tastebuds, food for thought, a pretty scrub you can easily make as christmas gifts, a great and amazing read, some core work, something for those choppers, and a quick catch up on whats going on in the world. I hope you enjoy this weeks picks! Please let us know what you'd like to see more of (or less of) and we will be sure to accommodate !