Moving into our 2nd month of this amazing New Year we may need a little more motivation to get though quick month. Resolutions don't need to start on Jan. 1st. you, can begin any time and again and again. 

Because this month is one of our shortest, we thought a simple challenge will keep us engaged and accountable to stick to our goals. 

We want to Challenge YOU (yeah you) to sticking with your routines (or create new ones) and do something at least every other day entire month long. It could be something small like a meaningful stretch or something grand like 3 classes, swimming 5 miles and a 12 hour hike. Just do something. 

Habits take 21 days to form -- lets start off with every other day and work our way forward.

Barre Kailua - Kailua, Hawaii -_November 5, 2016_102016_6024-2.jpg