Spring into March


March, 3rd month of the New Year and the Beginning of Spring. Did you know that March was actually the Beginning of the New Year according to the oldest Roman Calendar?  So there's another chance to Renew your resolutions! YOU CAN ALWAYS BEGIN AGAIN. 

Need some March Motivation?

Well although March is the BEST month for Basketball -- it's also the WORSE month for production. AKA : a whole lot more lazy days. DON'T GIVE IN!

Lose the Lazy tips to get you through the month

  1. Drink a tall glass of water and GOTO bed. aim for 7-8 hours 
  2. Wake up and move around. yes its cold, yes you're sleepy, but lazy feeds off excuses. so get the heck up!
  3. Schedule. Your day, your week, and your month. 
  4. Make small attainable goals for each day and task. give yourself some leeway but not too much leisure.
  5. give yourself at least 1 hour of YOU time! its 4% of your day and can increase your by so much more.
  6. Self-Check. When's the last time you went to the dentist? its more important than you know! And you feel so much better getting that task out of the way. Also the Dr. could use a checkup. 
  7. SPRING CLEAN! set a timer, 20 min of uninterrupted work spent in on one section of the house, office, yard, garage, car, email box, social media and (contact list). Feels amazing. 
  8.  EAT THE FROG . Find the things you hate to do the  most and do them first. 
  9. Push yourself a bit harder. In class? switch up your weights, try a challenge or two and switch to the black bands. 
  10. treat yo' self. join us for our wine down to the weekend March,9th 630p . Lets toast to this (Roman) New Year!