Keeping your goals and hard work going all summer long



Did you know that most people gain more weight in the summer than the winter? Especially those who live in climates that don't have extreme climate changes?!         ( LIKE HAWAI'I)

3 reasons why: 

More people choose to take the summer off of their daily exercise routine, in hopes to replace it with outdoor activities. But with days of high heat- they opt to stay inside or change their outdoor adventures to something less active. 

For many people, summer times means travel time which often leads to eating fun and new and everything under the sun. It also means people are constantly on the go and grabbing convenient foods or enjoying company and eating out more often than usual. 

Beach days swimming and surfing and all things in and out of the water are the best days. But if you're spending more time cool off and not enough replacing lost water, your body begins to dehydrate. The ocean dehydrates the skin, and you sweat while you swim so its like a salt vacuum. Then there's the almighty sun which will dry you up quicker than you'd believe. Lastly- We can all admit its easier to enjoy a cool refreshing cocktail, ice cold beer, chilled juice or tea or a frozen coffee than to guzzle down 60-100oz of good ole H20. 

So now knowing whats not working then all we gotta do is the opposite. Right?

Easier said than done. BUT ! There are a few things that can help turn it around even in the middle of July.

1. GET BACK ON THE HORSE. Most people who have gym subscriptions, class passes or even just their usual weekly routine, don't utilize these perks as much as they should. Time wasted is money wasted, and not only does it take away from you, your self-care hour, and your wallet; it also affects your place of fitness and wellness.

Many clients have passes that run out or expire and thats hard on both sides of the spectrum, As a client we get discouraged to go back because we are "out of classes, and don't want to purchase another package until after summer." As a studio or gym, we have clients asking for extensions on passes and memberships. Because we love our loyal clients, most of the time we try to accommodate those request; yet, we absorb the hardships of smaller class sizes due to lack of attendance.

RECOMMENDATION? You can squeeze in an hour or at least half an our for yourself, so get back to it! You won't regret it and your class would be happy to workout with you all summer long.

2. WATCH THE SALTY FOODS . Yes to BBQs at the Beach, picnics in the park, and outdoor dining . But also yes to more foods that are heavy in water and less in salt and less processed . The less ingredients in a food the better it is for you. Also less sodium and more protein are key. Watermelon is a favorite of summertime and so are those hotdogs,chips, burgers, corn, ect.  

RECOMMENDATION? watch your food. or try this out the PFC method .  high Protein foods First! Next the Healthy FATS .  Lastly, Carbs.  Eating protein least an hour before bed helps the body to burn fat during sleep rather than store it. 

3. POUR IT UP, POUR IT UP . Water is life. Yes, we know it can be boring or hard or we forget or don't want to drink it BUT it will help your body is 1 billion ways. We aren't telling you to NOT have some summertime cocktails, I mean WINE IS LIFE. Just reminding you to add more water to your day, especially these hot summer days. 

RECOMMENDATION? Add some flavor to your H20 or take even some Lysine drops. Lysine is helps to act at a sunscreen from the inside out, so protecting the skin from the damaging rays while caring for hair and nails as well.  Drink a tall glass of water 30min in to waking up and going to sleep. And even keeping those hydration tablets handy for an extra boost.