Jen's Jam : Harnessing the habit

Summer '18 was beyond amazing. Traveling halfway around the world and spending beautiful days and nights in Provence , France was nothing short of a dream. The ambience of the country side couldn't be captured in any photograph and there are no words to describe the beauty and feeling you get here. 

Besides rolling lavender fields and white stone chateaus - Provence provided the most incredible food.

Fresh bread, fresh cheese, and fresh rosé every day. Markets filled with the tastiest fruits, desserts, meats, and pizzas. I promised myself to indulge in everything the South of France had to  offer and I did not disappoint. With great food and the appetite of a pregnant bear prepping for hibernation, I definitely looked and felt the outcome of my indulgence. A (basket of) Baguettes a day will definitely keep the bikini at bay.  But when traveling, in my book; there's no rules. Sure walk and exercise a bit but eat a lot. It's rude not to...... Then you come home and back to reality and BOOM. The extra luggage I brought back around my waist unfortunately did not get lost between the various planes I took. 

Typically I try to watch what I eat; meaning I like to watch the fork stab food and transfer to my big mouth. kidding. Working with Barre Kailua , I've been better about eating cleaner and cutting out the crap food. BUT I will not lie to you, I have zero regrets when opting for a big mac over a salad and a roll of oreos over an apple. Balance right? I mean if you workout hard enough you should eat whatever you want right? Sure. Go for it. But no bitching about not making the physical changes you wish to see, unless you're a bad ass at photoshop. But photoshop can't adjust how you feel.   

Fate does some pretty incredible things, It's like "Hey I see you there, mad at yourself and beating yourself up cause  you got French fluffy, and I'm gonna lead you to something you haven't tried yet but you gotta follow through...." Then I found it. Two weeks home from my Été en Provence, and I came across a program that caught my attention. Get fit 21. Simple enough I thought. Follow the food guides on the yes and nos of what to eat, workout daily (easy), replace a meal(s) with their shake, and thats it. So I bit. Ordered the shake and received the info. 

Never have I ever tried a "diet" or program that was as amazing as this one. Not only did I get an amazing amount of information, I got several workout guides,  healthy recipes, recipes to try with the shakes, the protein (which is soon delicious) and unlimited amount of support and encouragement. Think support group times 1000. 

Now I usually won't make it 3 days dieting because I love pizza, chocolate, and Wine. But the responsible adult in me kept at it. Shockingly I haven't needed or wanted any of that while drinking the shakes and sticking to the program and following through. I don't deprive myself from the things I love (like a burger), but I don't crave it . The shakes keep me full for hours. I've noticed my skin looking brighter and clearer and my hair is shiner. Straight up magic. The program even calls for a reset day- it literally tells you "give yourself a day to eat what you want", it's proven that with said reset day, it helps rev your body into breaking down and burning the crap out of what you choose (My words, not theirs). 

This post isn't to promote or sell the product - it's merely sharing my experience with something that I found works for me and  my lifestyle (single mom, running a business, teaching classes, and running around crazy all day like a bat outta hell ). 5lbs vanished the first half of the 21 days, which is pretty incredible and pushing me to finish strong and keep at it. It's realistic,  you see and feel the results, and above all its doable. Try it. 





2017 The Year of GROWTH .

20 ways to grow this new year


1. DRINK UP BUTTER CUP:  "60% of the human body if made of water"....  you hear it over and over and over. So pour yourself a glass and drink away.

2. CLEAR THE CAN: rid the past , and take out the trash. Emotional, physical, digital. 

3. Give a little - there's magic when you give to others. Try compliments. They are free and the effects are priceless. 

4. STASH AND SAVE :  20% . Put it away. Far, far away. You'll thank yourself when you're in a bind and it's nice to know you've got a little something to fall back on during the holidays 

 5. Journal your gratitude: bad day? Make a list of all the good going on in your life. Reflect as needed.

6. Explore: travel / adventure , just get out and go somewhere new. Do something outside your norm and comfort zone. You'll be surprised how much you'll learn and it could change your perspective and even your life. Think Eat. pray. love  

7. CATCH SOME Zzzzzzzzzs. Resting when you're tired, grouchy, and need to take a break. That's your body telling you it needs to hit the pause button and nap. You will wake up feeling better and your brain will thank you.

8. Meditate sit and be still. Try 1 min a day of quiet and being present. Then try another min. Meditation does wonders for the mind, body, and soul.

9. Make a killer playlist. Music moves mountians. And no one has say over what you sing or how you sing. Jam out like no one is watching. 

10. Cook something new. There's a lot of pride in cooking something complicated, or even sharing a meal created from love to nourshish the soul and fill the gut. 

11. Plant something - be it a seed, garden, veggies, flowers, or an idea- nurture it and watch it grow. 

12. R E A D : read a book, or 50. No time to read? Download an audiobook- tap into your childhood and use your imagination  

13. Eat your greens. They are loaded with good stuff. picky eater? Close your eyes, pinch your nose and dive in. No excuses  

14. Stretch: stretching your muscles are so important. You only have 1 body, and majority of aches and pains can be cured with consistency in stretching and gaining flexibitly. 

15. Laughter: truly the best medicine. Laugh everyday and laugh loud. Share a laugh. Laugh at yourself . Laugh with others . It lightens the mood and feels good. 

16. Pray. Talk to god. He's a great listener. Thank him for everything. He gives you what you have for a reason. 

17. Create. Paint, draw, scribble, sketch, ect. 

Make something with your hands and your heart. Put it on the fridGe. Be proud of what you can do.

18. Unplug. Cut back on screen time and be present. After you read the rest of these of course. 

19. Exercise. Even better go to barre. Total body + a good stretch and a place to drink water and laugh ? Pretty sure  we cover half this list.

20. Ground yourself. Daily. Kick off the shoes and walk around in the grass, mud, sand, or water- get in touch with nature.  

So there it is. 20 super simple things you can do. Won't cost you a thing and I will guarantee you'll be on the right track for the new year.