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REWRITING HISTORY: Bringing Ballet Back to Kailua

Barre: Barre was created by ballerina Lotte Berk in London in 1959, teaching her first classes from her basement. 

Barre Kailua : Created by owner Jennifer Carroll in Kailua in 2014, teaching her first class in her bedroom. 

Mavis Tracy Ballet School:  Created by founder  Mavis Tracy in Kailua in the 1960s, where she  decided to open a classical ballet school at the Kailua YMCA AND taught ballet out of her home. 


What do these things all have in common? besides all being relatively similar in its field and craft; they've all started small - fueled by passion and a desire to teach and move with grace. 

As much as we'd love to have Lotte Berk come and teach a few classes and practice with us, thats a little bit out of reach- however - we are so happy to host and reinstate the Mavis Tracy Ballet School, here at Barre Kailua.

This incredible article by GO KAILUA MAG. tell's a great story about the Ballet School and its history, which is no wonder why it was such a staple in Kailua.

It is really exciting, not only growing up in the Kailua community, but going up doing what you love, with people you love then turning it into a heath conscious business and which is helping and empowering others in our beloved community. Then to top that off- working so closely with someone who compliments then field and growing together. Thats what our idea of community is. 

Compliment not Compete.

Beginning Oct. 2017 Mavis Tracy Ballet School will offer its first round of ballet classes for those ages 4+ on mondays and tuesdays. These will be their into classes to ballet and welcomes all levels. 

Open House + Registration will Be held at Barre Kailua SATURDAY, Sept 30th from 3-5p.

Join us in learning more about the classes, school, studio, and meet the teachers that will be guiding your little one(s) or even yourself though this timeless cultural art.

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