8 to G R E A T .

There are 8 weeks left in 2017. That being said, there are only 8 more weeks until 2018. 8 . Weeks till the New Year. What do we all do when Jan 1st hits? Create a resolution list of course!  This means cold turkey on everything you're normally doing ( mostly bad habits) and FORCE yourself to do all these great new things because its a New Year and you're a changed person. Sure. Good luck buddy. 

   Most of these resolutions fail so imma gonna take care of you now. Lets inch our way into 2018 - one week at a time making small, simple changes week by week so when 2018 rolls around we have already created new and healthy habits and own January like the rock stars we are?! 

 This 8 week checklist / challenge / to-do list or what ever you wanna call it will NOT be your traditional B.S. list of non-sense but its a creative and functional guide to practice (or not, its your life) and updated weekly.

 It's not your typical M-F week either. Monday already has enough crap going on. so lets begin each week on Wednesday / Thursday. However you choose to practice its up to you.

How it works: We will make a list of 8 things to try each week. These will vary from exercise (of course), habits, behaviors, foods, life hacks, ect. Just 8. Now I'm not saying doing these will change your life and you will achieve enlightenment, BUT! It could change your day or even your week and that's pretty amazing; especially with the holidays creeping up.    Good luck and leave some feedback so i know what to develop and what to ditch.



Here it is. Try them out - Like all things new and exciting ease into it and build from there. Got some likewise suggestions or wanna see more of something? leave a comment or email us! Have a great week! whatever day it is!.